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Katie holding a basket full of fresh, organic, local grown peas. Available in our online organic food store, at the local farmers market or at our organic farm in the Cinnabar Valley, Nanaimo, BC on Vacouver Island.
Dion holding a bushel of fresh, organic, local grown beats on our farm in Nanaimo Vancouver Island. Available in a food box online, at the cedar farmers market or at our local organic farm in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.

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By filling out the form in the sidebar (bottom on mobile devices), or by purchasing a box from us.

Benefits of becoming a member:
  • Healthier, happier bodies from eating local, organically grown food.
  • Children are interested in eating their vegetables! Our sweet carrots, and peas are sure to please any youngster.
  • Easy pick up.
  • Save money with our members-only discount coupons.
  • Friendship with your farmer!

  • Centrally located pick-up spot in Nanaimo
  • Recipes, food preparation tips and other gifts
  • Easy access via the web to choose, buy and know your produce
  • Discount coupons and sales on bulk produce
  • Fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables at your fingertips