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Planting Organic Vegetables in May


I realize that our blogs often start out with the statement "Its a crazy, busy month" and I will start off this blog with the same words. Its a crazy, busy month. May is especially busy because we start going to market, as well as all our warm weather vegetables are needing to be put out on to the land. Here is a list of all the plants that are going out.

Beans: Yes, planting hundreds and hundreds of beans. We will have all varieties, from bush, pole, and drying. We generally start ours from transplants and then put them into the ground after they have germinated. This helps our watering. It is much easier for us to water trays than to water a full bed.

Squash: We have planted so many varieties of squash this year. Although we still have started the favourites, like butternut and acorn, we have diversified to types like festival, kombocha, spaghetti, delicata, and many others that I am forgetting to mention.
It will be a great harvest when we can try all the flavours of these beautiful winter keepers.

Tomatoes: They are flowering! Tomatoes are the best. They are somewhat challenging in their needs, but they are well worth the effort. We will be putting them in the ground in our greenhouse this week. I love to brush up against the leaves and smell them.

Cucumber: The cucumbers are coming up nicely and will also be in the greenhouse with the lovely friend tomato. They like plenty of compost under their roots and vining varieties need to be trellised up. We do this by hanging strings from the rafters in our greenhouse and letting the cucumbers climb up.

Eggplant: This will be the first year we have grown eggplant. We have a lot of plants and they will be going into the greenhouse as well. They need plenty of compost and steady amounts of water. I don't think I have ever eaten a local eggplant, so it will be just lovely to roast up that beautiful purple beast of a vegetable.

Peppers: Ruby Reds going into the ground soon. We will be hoop housing them out in the field. They will have drip irrigation as they also like to have consistent watering. And you can bet your bottom dollars, we will circling around them every now and then to sing them a song. Lets hope they grow well!

Melons: Oh boy! We also are going to be growing these for the first time, as well. A song for them too! They will be out in the field by June. We haven't decided yet if they will be hoop housed for the first month of June. They do need a lot of heat to grow and produce fruit. Our land should be perfect for these babies.