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February In the Greenhouse

fresh organic seedlings being overlooked by your local organic farmer, in Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia

It's now the end of February and at the farm, although it is still cold outside, and there is even some hail from time to time, we are busy at work! All our onions have sprouted in the greenhouse as well as many other seeds. We just keep planting and planting, and since this picture was taken, all our tables are full. Last year, our greenhouse was not even up at this time, so it is great that we are able to get a head start on things!

We are doing some experimentation this year as to how early we can get away with planting certain seeds in the field. To help along with the process, we are setting up our home made hoop houses over rows of beets, carrots, turnips, radish, and more. Our peas and beans have sprouted and are starting to put out their first true leaves!

It is exciting to learn about the plants and the land, as we are on a south facing slope, with a huge cliff behind us. This gives the particular land we grow on a greater degree of warmth, which is helpful in the spring, and challenging in the summer. In the summer last year our farm would hit the 36 degree mark for heat, and nearer to the ocean (Nanaimo) it would be 26.

What we learned from this; grow peppers, eggplants, melons, and things that like heat!

A huge thank you to Gail and Tony Massy who have been an integral part in starting up the farm this season. They have been putting a lot of effort and time into preparing beds, setting up the hoop house, planting seeds and generally having good old farm time out on the land.

february-in-the-greenhouse oin Nanaimo, Vancouver Island British Columbia. Home of your local online and farm fresh organic fruits and vegetablesThanks,Katie & Dion