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Katie, lovingly attending the fresh, organic produce in our vegetable garden at our local organic farm in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. Offering the freshest organic vegetables online or at the local farmer
We choose all seeds that are Non-GMO and source most of our seeds from local companies, such as West Coast Seeds. Each seed we plant is either started in our green house, or directly seeded into the ground. We use some row covers and poly tunnels to help with early season temperatures, however, we try as best as possible to use less resources at our farm. We use natural, recycled materials whenever possible.

When planting, we absolutely stand by the practice that to feed the soil is to feed the plant. Before planting, each bed is given regular compost and hot compost. Any remaining plant debris that has not been harvested is hand turned into the soil. Preparing a bed takes much longer than to plant it.


Picture of gorgeous organic potatoes grown locally on our organic farm in Nanaimo BC
We harvest our food the day before, or the day of our sales. It is done early morning to avoid stress to the plants in the summer heat. All plants receive a deep plunge into cold water to take any field heat out of the vegetable. All our food is fresh-picked and refrigerated to ensure that the produce will remain fresh for weeks to come.

Timing and Plant Choice

In the early season, our green house is filled with seed starts. We have a homemade heating bed that we use to start our tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. We start many plants one month earlier than appropriate through starting them in the greenhouse. When the soil warms up, our plants are moved out to the field, and the tomatoes and eggplants are planted in the green house.

We grow a variety of vegetables, and have added a great deal more this season! We are excited to be offering these new items such as: three varieties of melons, eggplants, red peppers, purple kohlrabi, two new varieties of broccoli, cucumbers, and three more varieties of squash!